Grade 9 Science


Unit 2 Atoms and Elements

The second unit of study deals with Atoms and Elements.  This is an introduction to basic chemistry. Topics such as Safety Considerations, Physical Properties, Chemical Changes/Reactions, Atomic Theory or learning about atoms and Periodic Law or The periodic table of elements. 

SCIENCEPOWERTM 9  Textbook Chapters


Chapter 5: Properties and Changes (Student Textbook Resource Page)

5.1Exploring the Nature of Matter 
5.2 Mixtures
5.3Compounds and Elements
5.4Atomic Theory: Explaining Chemical Facts and Laws

Chapter 6: Meet the Elements (Student Textbook Resource Page)

6.1 Symbols for the Elements
6.2 Elements on Planet Earth
6.3 The Science and Technology of Metallic Elements
6.4 Families of Elements

Chapter 7: Models of Atomic Structure (Student Textbook Resource Page)

7.1 Probing the Atom
7.2 The Bohr -Rutherford Model
7.3 A New Basis for the Periodic Table

Chapter 8: Chemical Bonding (Student Textbook Resource Page)

8.1 Explaining Chemical Families 
8.2 Ionic Compounds 
8.3 Molecular Compounds 
8.4 Chemicals in Your Life


Hands on Physics

On this site, background materials about plastics are made available, along with easily online, step-by-step simulations of classroom activities. A Hands on Plastics kit has created a kit containing samples of a variety of recycled plastic resins and products that will supplement the information found on this site and is available free of charge. 


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Atoms and Elements Assignment